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Hello kids,
Do you like technology?
If you say ‘yes’, I would like to introduce you to Ted. Ted is a 15 year-old child who is interested in technology. This book consists of his story. There are many adventures in this story. He starts to learn how to code. He plays computer games. He goes to techno-shopping mall. He buys smart glasses. He learns how to code a game. He takes a selfie with his friends. He watches videos via Internet. He sees Tim Berners Lee in his dream.
Ted is a hardworking student. His favourite lessons are computer lessons and math class, but he is also interested in his English lessons. He always gets the highest marks. He reads about Howard Gardner’s ‘Multiple Intelligence Theory’ and he agrees with Howard Gardner.
Ted has written a new code: “People always smile while taking pictures by saying ‘cheese’, but we can’t know whether they are really or not. This code shows us who is really happy while taking pictures.”
Ted sometimes thinks that nobody understands him. He becomes upset. However, his family always supports him.
If it excites you now, it means you will enjoy the great experiences of Ted.

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